Supported Living and Community Support Services

Caprani Care offers a high quality supported living and outreach service for people with learning disabilities and/or mental health problems in Epsom and the surrounding areas.

We provide a personalised service to our clients within a shared living environment or to someone living alone, depending on how they choose to live!

Personalised support packages are delivered by our team of experienced, skilled and caring support staff. We ensure our service is safe, caring, responsive and well led.

We support individuals with transition from home, residential homes, hospitals and institutions into supported living. Our staff have received specialist training in Autism awareness, managing challenging behaviours and Fragile x syndrome to name a few.

Our Vision

  • We look forward to providing a high standard of supported living services to you!
  • We look forward to getting to know you better and grow together in this experience.
  • We aim to understand you more and how you choose to live your life.
  • We would like to support you to be safe and to feel part of the community you live in.
  • We look forward to supporting you to develop your independence even further.
  • We would like to work together with you to ensure your physical and mental health needs are met.
  • We would like you to continue to get to know us and feel supported, safe and understood.
  • We want to keep listening to you and for you to feel your opinions and choices are most important.
  • Overall, we would love to see that the support we provide helps you to feel happy, healthy and safe.

Our Values

Choice: Supporting service users to get the right information and help which empowers them to make choices and express opinions/preferences.

Independence: Supporting service users to take measured risk and to develop their skills to live as independently as possible and where capacity allows.

Inclusion: Supporting service users to contribute to their local community if they wish and to feel valued within their environment.

Dignity: Understanding the service user’s needs and to support those needs with privacy, dignity and respect. To value each service user as an individual.

Achievement: Supporting service users, where possible, to realise their own aims/goals, big or small, and assisting them to achieve these.

What We Do

Caprani Care offers a quality supported living and outreach service to people with learning disabilities and/or mental health problems. Our services include:

  • 24 hour support in supported living accommodation
  • personal care
  • safe access to community based services
  • transport
  • support with physical and mental health needs
  • support with budgeting
  • support with household duties
  • support with challenging behaviours
  • managing the safe administration of medication
  • support with making and attending appointments
  • group holidays and day trips
  • home-based activities
  • support with maintaining relationships and friendships
  • support with accessing community based services
  • support with developing independent living skills

Caprani Care is a registered service, regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

What We Have Been Doing During Covid-19

We have set up our own day service, providing personalised activities for all of our service users.

We have been busy celebrating equality and diversity week, friendship week and mental health awareness week- just to name a few!

We have been supporting our service users to contact their families and friends through the use of FaceTime and Zoom.

We have also taken part in the ‘loo roll challenge’, which was great fun and enabled our service users to feel connected to their family members.

Outreach Services

Caprani Care provides a Community Supported Living service, for our service users who wish to live in their existing home.

Our team of highly skilled staff can provide 24hr supported care, allowing users to continue to live in their own home with support. We can also provide outreach services to those who need support accessing community-based activities and services.

Our Team

Caprani Care is a family run service, provided by Anthony and Ruth Kelly.

Ruth Kelly is the registered director and manager of the service. Ruth is also a registered mental health nurse with over 15 years’ experience working with adults with learning disabilities and or mental health problems in a range of different care settings.

Anthony Kelly, director and team leader, has a diploma in health and social care leadership.

We pride ourselves on providing a service with a team of experienced, skilled and consistent staff. We have all received a high standard of induction and training and we have all had DBS clearance. Staff have received specialist training in Autism awareness, managing challenging behaviours and Fragile x syndrome to name a few.

We have a team of consistent support workers both fulltime and part time with a broad skill base, who share our values and visions.

Roisin Goodwin is our Deputy Home Manager. This year she has completed a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care. She has also completed training in growing older with a learning disability as well as moving and assisting training. 

Dignity Champions

We have been working hard at being Dignity champions, the purpose of which is

  • to ensure everyone regardless of age, using health and social care services, in any setting, has their basic human rights upheld in a respectful and dignified manner
  • make sure dignity and respect is at the heart of everyday practice and isn’t an addition to it
  • treat everyone as a unique individual
  • promote personal choice
  • promote independence, well-being and quality of care
  • empower people
  • make time to listen
  • challenge discriminatory attitude’s, behaviour’s and assumptions